Root Canal Therapy

Gentle root canal therapy in Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Root canal treatment in Rochdale

Root canal treatment – not a phrase that fills many with delight, but one that we here at 4A Dental really can put a positive spin on. Root canal surgery is best viewed as the final frontier of dental care – the ‘hero’ procedure that rescues teeth from ultimately having to be removed! A root canal is required when decay has infected tissue deep inside the tooth, it can require more than one visit with your family dentist. But the wait will be worth it for the long-term benefits of root canal surgery – statistics show that more than 90% of root canal-treated teeth survive for a further 8-10 years. Our dental practitioners in Rochdale have a wealth of experience treating root canal patients, with state-of-the-art facilities and pain management techniques.

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Causes and symptoms

Deep inside each tooth is a mixture of blood vessels and nerves – or pulp, as it is attractively referred to. This can become infected in a number of ways – through tooth decay and gum disease, for example, or through injury, cracking or stress caused by repeated treatments; broken crowns and damaged fillings are also culprits. The symptoms? Well, there’s no denying that it’s painful, particularly in response to hot and cold, and the infected pulp often creates an abscess. The tooth may also appear discoloured, which indicates permanent nerve damage. If left untreated, the infection can spread to the jaw and require complete removal of the tooth.

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If you need a root canal treatment in Rochdale, this can usually be carried out by your family dentist. It may require a number of consecutive visits – however, root canal is considered a routine treatment. You will be prepared for the procedure with X-rays and a local anaesthetic, before the dentist opens the crown of the affected tooth and removes the pulp. A number of skilled techniques are employed to ensure the anaesthetic penetrates the root effectively.

The next stage of treatment involves the cleaning and filling of the root canal, a process that may be carried out over more than one visit. In this case, the dentist will insert a temporary filling between treatments.

The final stage of root canal surgery involves permanently filling and sealing the root, preventing further infection. Depending on your needs, a protective crown might be placed on the tooth, or a whitening treatment carried out.

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